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The creation of the Atlanta Land Trust Collaborative (ALTC) has attracted national attention for its unique hybrid organizational structure; combining neighborhood-based, resident-controlled Community Land Trusts (CLTs), with the ALTC functioning as a “Central Server” organization that can incubate and support the development and operation of permanently affordable housing initiatives by independent non-profit CLTs, along the BeltLine and throughout the City. Efforts are currently in progress to raise awareness of, advocate for and implement neighborhood based CLTs. Key elements are now in place and Atlanta’s first active CLT was launched during 2011 in the Pittsburgh neighborhood. The Winter 2010 issue of Shelterforce Magazine, published by the National Housing Institute, included a series of three articles devoted to the groundbreaking work of the ALTC and its local Atlanta BeltLine partners (see: www.shelterforce.org/archive/issues/164/ )

The $2.8 Billion Atlanta BeltLine is one of the most comprehensive economic redevelopment efforts ever undertaken in the City, and the largest, most wide-ranging urban redevelopment project in the country. The Atlanta BeltLine, with a 25-year project completion horizon,  will combine green-space, trails, transit/integrated transportation, and new mixed-use development along 22 miles of historic freight rail segments that encircle the urban core.  The Atlanta BeltLine will embrace and link 45 separate neighborhoods in the City with superior amenties and transit access. Ongoing public forums regarding the significant impact of the BeltLine, communicated the imperative for quality housing affordable across range of household incomes, to be maintained and created along the entire Atlanta BeltLine corridor.

 ALTC focuses on three programmatic goals:

  • Create a favorable climate for CLT development by promoting public policy, community engagement and fund-raising
  • Perform the stewardship functions of a CLT in any neighborhoods where the local capacity does not currently exist to carry out these functions; and
  • Encourage the formation of at least two neighborhood-based, resident-controlled CLTs.

There are three unique aspects of the Atlanta Land Trust Collaborative that position it to serve as a national model for creating permanently affordable housing:

  • It implements an affordable housing solution on the front end of a large-scale urban redevelopment project like the BeltLine.
  • The cross-section of public, private, non-profit and community partners engaged in its formation is unprecedented.
  • It creates an innovative model for CLTs that balances the principle of community empowerment and the need for economies of scale and efficiency.

The Atlanta Land Trust Collaborative has reached a number of important milestones:

  • Built a portfolio of 13 total CLT units with 3 homeowner-occupied units and 10 renter-occupied units.

Working with the City of Atlanta, ALTC has:

  • Provided more than $4M in HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) and Neighborhood Stabilization Program (NSP) funds in support of CLT development.
  • Prioritized 10% of Atlanta NSP housing units produced as CLT units.

Working with Wells Fargo Bank, NA, ALTC has:

  • Developed a specific mortgage product to simplify, streamline, and expedite the CLT process.
  • Worked with local CLT partner, Pittsburgh Community Improvement Association (PCIA) to acquire more than 30 properties for permanently affordable housing.‎